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  • 2020年9月16日下午3点,苏州工业园区星港学校纪检委员工作会议在飘逸路校区二楼会议室召开。会议由星港学校党委纪检委员张磊副校长主持,学校纪律检查组成员、各支部纪检委员参加了本次会议。会议开始,张磊同志介绍了星港学校纪检委员组织架构图,明确了各纪检委员的主要工作职责和任务,对各纪检委员协助参与学校纪检工作进行明确分工。她强调,全体纪检组同志担负着全校党员和广大教师纪检监察的职责,责任重大。她希望纪检... [详情]
  • Dear Mum:I haven’t seen you for a long time. How are you? Are you happy everyday? How is the sister? How tall is she now?I have so many questions to ask you...I think these days you must be relaxed. Because you can only look after my sister. And I’m happy everyday, so don’t worry about me.Now I learn so much knowledge. In my school, the teachers and the students are all very friendly. If... [详情]
  • 再过几个月,幼儿园大班的孩子们即将踏入小学的校门,对于小学生活,孩子们既陌生又充满好奇和期待。2019年5月21日,东港实验幼儿园大班学生就在老师的带领下,手拉着手步入星港学校(东港校区),近距离感受小学生生活的精彩与充实。上午九点,星港学校的师生代表迎来了幼儿园孩子们,校合唱团以一曲《中国少年》欢迎孩子们的到来。随后,小朋友们走进教室,认真观摩小学生的课堂。生动的语文课,有趣的数学课……吸引着孩子们的... [详情]
  • I’m having a great time in Canada. I learnt a lot from my study and life here. And guess what! I made a lot of friends! The teachers and students here are very enthusiastic and friendly.        I like music lessons here best, because we can play with Ukraine in the lesson, it’s fun. On the birthday of my classmate, we sang a birthday song. If i don’t understand something, teachers and cl... [详情]
  • Dear parents:Hello!Time is really fast,I have been in Canada for over a month. I'm fine in Canada. Don't worry about me. Not only have I became better at taking care of myself, but also I’ve improved my English listening and speaking abilities.Canada has many feature holidays.My favorite holiday is Easter. I found a lot of Easter eggs and gifts. It's very interesting.I have a good tim... [详情]
  • On Saturday, April 27, 2019, Students of SAJS took part in the annual Culloden Memorial Event, it took place at the Culloden Memorial Cairn in Knoydart, Pictou County. This cairn commemorates the 1745 Battle of Culloden which took place south east of Inverness, Scotland.This battle is important to the Scottish culture as it marked the fall of the Jacobite rebellion. The school bus left SAJS a... [详情]
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