Introduction of our school

  • 发布时间:2013.04.24 The classroom teacher training
    This Monday, the classroom teachers got together and shared their experience in charging the classes.       Wang Yi and Zhao Sicong both gave speeches about how to charge their classes in a correct and clever way.   [详情]
  • On the afternoon of December 11, 2012, the foreign teachers from the Suzhou Industrial Park attend the conference on the workshop on the effectiveness of foreign teachers’ classes in SIP at Xinggang School.             [详情]
  • 发布时间:2012.12.14 Write words carefully , have good manners
    Write words carefully ,   have good manners To develop pupils’ good habits, A pen-writing competition was held in our school Donggang Campus. Most pupils took part in this competition. Each student wrote the article very carefully. The content was chosen from the classic articles. While writing, the children could learn more about the content. After that ,some teachers as judges chose the m... [详情]
  • In order to strength our understanding or western culture and enlarger our view of teaching, we hold a seminar on the 13th of October. Our Scottish teacher Brand gave us a wonderful speech.    Brand told us a lot of things about their history, their tradition, their teaching ideas and their personal values. All of us got a lot from his speech.    [详情]
  • 发布时间:2011.12.16 The Mid-Autumn Fstival
    为了调动学生们的主观能动性,提高学生们的自主管理能力,更好地发挥主人翁意识,12月初举行了星港学校学生会成员招募活动。此次招募活动的标准为:要有强烈的责任心,不怕苦、不怕累,愿意热心为大家服务。     消息一出,同学们反应热烈,七年级众多同学报名参加,他们纷纷表示,愿意不计较个人得失,为老师和同学们服务。同学们精心设计了自己的竞聘演讲稿,他们中大多是学校的骨干分子,学生社团的活跃元素,各班班干... [详情]
  • 发布时间:2011.12.09 The Garden of Xinggang School
    There is a small garden in Xinggang School. Around it are teaching buildings. A rock with two characters "厚德" sits in the garden. The Chinese characters mean to learn great virtue. [详情]
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