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  • 再过几个月,幼儿园大班的孩子们即将踏入小学的校门,对于小学生活,孩子们既陌生又充满好奇和期待。2019年5月21日,东港实验幼儿园大班学生就在老师的带领下,手拉着手步入星港学校(东港校区),近距离感受小学生生活的精彩与充实。上午九点,星港学校的师生代表迎来了幼儿园孩子们,校合唱团以一曲《中国少年》欢迎孩子们的到来。随后,小朋友们走进教室,认真观摩小学生的课堂。生动的语文课,有趣的数学课……吸引着孩子们的... [详情]
  • Compassvale secondary school came to visit Xinggang School from Oct 28th to Oct 31st. During those days, the students and teachers from Singapore had lessons with students in Xinggang School, and experienced our traditional culture. They showed great interest in school activities in Xinggang.            [详情]
  • 发布时间:2014.06.03 A visit to Xinggang
    On April 3rd, 2014, our sister school, Spring Gully Primary School from Australia visited Xinggang School.  The students and teacher experienced our classes and enjoyed Chinese traditional culture so much. In October, Xinggang will visit Spring Gully too, and we hope friendship between two schools can last for ever.         [详情]
  • Some teachers and friends from Aitong School in Singapore visited Xinggang School on May 27, 2014. They studied together with our students for 4 days. In Xinggang School, they learned Chinese, Arts, PE and some other lessons. They said these classes are  very interesting, and Maths is much more difficult than that in Singapore. In July, Xinggang will visit Aitong ,we will be very glad to... [详情]
  • 发布时间:2013.05.10 Grade 2 Writing Contest
    On the afternoon of May 8th, Grade 2 students had a writing contest. The purpose the contest is to help the students to form the habit of writing carefully. Look, how carefully they are writing! And how hard they are working! At last, the first prize went to Class 3 and they will represent our school to take part in the contest in SIP. Wish them good luck! [详情]
  • 发布时间:2013.05.10 orderly, efficient, growth
    In order to understand the detail of the eighth grade teaching situation and class status, recently, the eighth grade did a one-day survey. The survey was well organized. And it included two parts: a questionnaire about teaching and survey the teachers’ regular teaching activities .At the same time, the class recess activity, such as eye exercises, especially the homework were also investigat... [详情]
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